The Swedish furniture and lifestyle brand IKEA has demonstrated originality and creativity in their unique and experiential marketing strategies. The international retailer’s most recent campaign involves the replacement of a great number of benches in four important and high-traffic metro stations in Paris – St. Lazare, Champs-Elysées Clémenceau, Concorde, and Opéra.

From March 10th to the 24th sofas, chairs and a few floor lamps will recreate a comfortable living room atmosphere, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out its new Ektorp and Karlstad collection. Being surprised in an ordinary action, people can try in first person the quality of the products and their comfortableness via the ‘bum test’ of thousands of Parisians; particularly since IKEA is oftentimes embraced for its contemporary yet affordable furniture.

In collaboration with Agence 14 September IKEA succeeds to create a beautiful atmosphere in a previously rather gray and dreary space by invading the daily life of people, and most of all by putting a smile on their faces.

[via psfk]

Article By Mel Mueller (Trends Analyst) for uncluttered white spaces:: Mel Mueller is studying Media in Australia and Germany and spends her time jetting back and forth. Mel is an expert on trends and all things that impact the planet be it creative, environmental or inspirational. You can visit Mel’s Posterous:Breeze