IF Melbourne on white spaces tv :: Episode 1 of 3

In late February, uncluttered white spaces hosted IF Melbourne @ Denmark House to a room for 40 guests from various networks in Melbourne to join in a forum on the broad topic of Innovation.

The panel included Paul Breen, Mick Calder, Rebecca Scott, Sahil Merchant, Geoffrey Bowll and Ben Crowe and the discussion went on for more the 2 hours.

In this 20 minutes video, and white spaces tv have captured the opening discussion following on from the question, “what is the incentive to innovate”. Which lead into the definition of innovation, value and culture, making way for an engaging conversation with a room full of very smart people.

Paul Breen challenged the paradox of large company innovation stating that large companies buy innovation. Ben Crowe took this further addressing the cultural changes of the human life-cycle, going from child like thinking with our hearts, to adult life thinking with our heads and creating an analogy between small, fast paced innovative companies (childlike) and large business (adults).

An interesting discussion although captured briefly in this episode is the discussion around Ed Hardy as an “innovative business model”. Creating something based on a gap and then pushing hard until it dies out only to repeat it again with a new brand.

Rebecca Scott raised important discussions around social responsibility and the consideration around innovating to a planet in need of help… not more shoes. Episode 2 of this series picks up on this discussion in more detail.

Mick Calder ends this talk with insight into the importance of language, making way for an innovative forward thinking culture within large business.

Thanks to Theme Media