Reverting back to the word of innovation. The Bull often refers to innovation as a new way of viewing something that either exists or does not. Surely this errs-towards an innovative way to use Ikea tubs. Instead of dumping old storage boxes, why not give them a second life as alcohol-slinging pop-up shops? Designers Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto have provided an excellent blueprint for aspiring pop-up bar owners with their temporary bar, a modular white cube made out of 420 IKEA boxes.

The 15-foot-high bar was conceived of and constructed in a month for an architectural competition at Portugal’s Universidade do Porto. An LED net behind the semi-translucent boxes lights up the structure at night, while the range of storage box sizes provides the bar with a “textured skin”. The whole thing is held together by a metal base.

IKEA products have once again proven to have an infinite number of uses. Who wouldn’t want to stumble upon one of these festive bars on a warm summer evening?