We can all learn a lot from Fashion. Fashion brands exist based on their ability to connect with consumers emotionally. Fashion has nothing to do with price and more about marketing than product, it has everything to do with the need to associate at an emotional level.

As the saying goes, people “do not buy the soda”, they buy the can… so make the connection to the can important. Look at Beer, what is more relevant, the taste or the social connection to a greater existence than ourselves. A network of friends, mates, partners, clubs, bars, nightclubs and home bars.

Victor Churchill is a butcher. The brand and the people understand the engagement and emotion created by fashion brands and they have applied this to their retail store. The meat is good but it is after all just meat. More than likely no better than any other good  butcher.

They just do the “experience” better than anyone else and as a result,  people want to be involved and a part of something that makes them feel good. At any price.

Hats off to the coolest butcher shop of all time.

Ben Rennie