uncluttered white spaces caught up with David Gillespie in January 2010 and brought the video camera along for the ride. In an hour long discussion (this interview only goes for 5 minutes for those of you who just sighed), we covered topics as in depth as the link between caveman hand paintings and facebook, twitter and the future of the world and the current period in time which is pivotal in the changing face of communication as we know it.

David Gillespie is a blogger, coffee and wine lover and refers to his blogs a ramblings. We refer to them as informative, innovative insights into the future of the web, business and a futuristic view on whats to come. Maybe they are ramblings however, only the gift of time will be the judge. In the mean time, we are both inspired and intrigued by his thought process and we are happy to share the insights provided by David in this in depth yet surprisingly casual discussion.

In 2009, David wrote Digital Strangelove, a slide-share presentation that captured over 42,000 thousand imaginations. If you have not seen it. Then click the link.

David will be speaking at the next IF event in Sydney in and we welcome you to come and watch him talk. More on that later. In the mean time. As always, enjoy.