The biggest buzz surrounding the iPad might be its applications and features, but there are more uses for this product. The iPad has paved the way for affordable multi-touch screen-walls for building interiors. CHC has designed a library feature wall which utilises the iPad as tiles. The size of the iPad (242.8mm x 189.7mm x 13.4 mm) and the weight (0.73kg) works very well for this purpose. In terms of price, some of the more expensive mosaic tiles in the market nowadays cost over US$250 each, thus, however while iPad has a $499 price tag it contains state of the art technology which enables it to offer far more then traditional television walls. Thanks to the tiny size of the connectors now available in the market, the wiring of iPads on the library wall will be almost invisible.

With the built-in features of the iPad and customisable applications, there is literally an endless number of things we can do on the wall. Interchangeable wallpaper pattern & video is just the beginning, but imaging a giant jigsaw that you can play using multitouch, an interactive aquarium scene, digital graffiti, interactive speaker wall, even a life sized digital bookcase for your iBooks! (If you can’t reach the top shelf, just drag it down with multi-touch!)

Typical television walls are just “so yesterday”!