Star Wars x adidas Originals New York March from on Vimeo.

We talk a lot about alternative business models, which often leads to discussions around collaboration. It can often be seen as a stale conversation around two organisations struggling to leverage their own footprint alongside either an inferior brand, bigger brand or cooler brand. Its a hard balance and it rarely finds the right balance to work effectively. None the less, it always makes for an interesting discussion.

If it does work, then you will find it on Hypebeast and in this case, they point us towards, what we think, is without doubt, the coolest collaborative in the history of human kind. Star Wars X Adidas.

The Star Wars and adidas Originals campaign has been a prominent fixture over the last few weeks representing two strong brands in the respective world of cinematography and sports. To help cap off a successful footwear-centric capsule was the iconic Star Wars antagonist, Darth Vader and an army of Storm Troopers. The Dark Lord of the Sith took over the streets of New York alongside none other than Snoop Dogg. In this episode, they take a look into the the sights and sounds as well as hearing Snoop’s insights and upcoming projects.

Director: Kellen Dengler

Source:: Hypebeast