As a continuation on our series tracking the devlopments at Freshjive (or formerly known as) in relation to the recent name changes, we found this short documentary intruiging, controversial with plenty of room for interpretation.

If we can take 1 insight from Rick’s approach, it is certainly that he is prepared to put it out there using honesty, opinion and change as a strategy for the company in 2010.

The series continues with an episode documenting Freshjive’s new direction for 2010, with commentary from the brand’s CEO, Rick Klotz. Amongst the many topics, Rick discusses the controversial connection between Freshjive and Budd Dwyer, themes for Spring/Summer 2010, and just about everything in between.

We would be open to your thoughts on this video. What does it say about the Freshjive brand in your view?

Director: Daniel Ahn
Source: Hypebeast

The World’s Got Problems: Rick Klotz from on Vimeo.