I dropped in for a Sunday paper and a coffee on the way to visit the Hogarth’s this morning. Yes coffee as always from Ruby’s Kitchen. Great coffee. The newspaper on the other hand. Not so great.

I bought the paper this morning out of habit. The paper doesn’t really matter. We generally only read it because every one else reads it. By the time I had sat down to read it, the news was already old, made up and far from compelling. Sites like the Cool Hunter, Boing Boing and MamaMia matter because everyone else is reading them. We need to read what everyone else is reading to create a sense of community. To create some synergy with what’s going on in the planet. The reason it matters is because if it is in there and everyone else is reading it, then it must matter.

Media is a funny game, the newspaper is not compelling, I don’t even trust the content. Online is similar however I can laser in on the content and information I want when I want it. Online and the content rich sites such as the ones mentioned above will be the death of old media. Newspapers & magazines are finding it harder and harder to connect and interact. Newspapers and magazines have barriers.

What are the barriers in your business and who is breaking them down by creating content that matters. If you cant find someone, then create it now before someone beats you to it.

The iPhone is an interesting point, with an abundance of choice, the majority decide on the thing that “everyone else” who matters uses. Create something that matters and connects.

Compelling content from The Cool Hunter below.