General Pants is a credible high-street clothing retailer in Australia. With over 700 staff nationwide, they probably get through as many workers as they do skinny jeans. However they’re about to do something which will make their stores a very cool place to work.

They’ve set up a singles only record label which gives the artist all the rights and all the money. Called Major Label, the initiative uses the store staff as the talent scouts, street teams and publicists, moreover the stores act as the recruitment hubs.

ThreeBillion share their view on why this is a clever idea:

1. Artists want to be published and this gives them a contract free arrangement

2. It drives footfall into stores; more importantly it drives footfall from the really cool kids.

3. They’ve transformed their staff from part-time store assistants into A&R gods

4. It’s a longitudinal concept and has scale

The campaign launches on March 1st.

[source:: ThreeBillion inc words]