Peugeot’s new design team just released these images of a concept bicycle dubbed the B1K.  Sculpted as a race bike, it features a chainless drivetrain, carbon fiber construction and scant few details on the rest of the design.

Click to enlarge the images…looks like we’ll have to come up with a new term for tires.  Tubulars and Clinchers just don’t seem to fit the bill (better pic of this on down the post).  Peugeot’s not new to bikes, and it’s good to see them revisiting the idea along with killer concept cars like the SR1.

At least there are more pics when you make the jump.

What appears to be a tension cable or rod from the seat to the head tube likely keeps the bike’s wheels from doing a split

when a rider’s weight is put on it, and the beam seat post likely provides some cush a la Softride.

So, those tires.  Maybe these are just warming blankets until they roll it out to the start line.

[source:: psfk (of course)]