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Holstee is an Eco-friendly clothing company. Their style is simple, functional, unique and made out of 100% recycled material.

Although there are quite a few Eco-friendly fashions on the market, Holstee captivates through its inimitable concept. The brand founded by brothers Dave and Mike Radparvar was not only created to be fashionable and functional but also to be Eco-friendly and supportive of a good cause.

10% of Holstee’s proceeds are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world, through non-profit micro-lending institutions like kiva. Its aim is to support businesses and communities grow and prosper.

Holstee is a product of Incubaker, a New York City based innovation lab.

“Through the launch of Holstee, the Incubaker team has sought to create the model for sustainable business practices. Driving social causes through a profit-driven model, Incubaker looks to drive innovation, fashion, and sustainability through Holstee.”

To learn more about their cause and fashion visit

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  1. Love the uncluttered blog and excited to see Holstee featured!

    • thanks Dave, Incubaker is pretty cool too. Thanks for the comments and
      thanks for reading.

  2. Niamh

    Such a cool idea to put a functional pocket on a shirt! Its really amazing that they’re made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Very nice idea, thanks for sharing!