GEN Y 1 :: Un-named.

AGE :: 19
COMPANY :: Wholesaler of a well know sporting brand.
DEPT :: Product Development
JOB :: Designer (Assistant)

So tell me how you approach work? Do you feel you fit in?

I fit in. Not with everyone however certainly with the other guys in the office my age. The “Generation Y” kids so to speak. I don’t need anyone to tell me I am great to fit in or understand how I can approach my job. I know I am great at what I do. A lot of the guys in the office are just lazy and do what they need to do. I always get in early, leave late, work harder than the old guys. Like my sport, same approach, I just go harder than the Baby Boomers (laughing).

What’s funny?

Baby Boomers. The name for starters. Makes no sense. It s not a generation, its just a title. Like Gen Y, makes no sense. I just work hard, there is certainly a generational difference between the ages, not sure if the stereotyping is accurate though. I just find the old guys lazy, they just do enough. And the irony is, we are pigeon holed as a generation of lazy unmotivated kids. So not true. So not true. We just have different goals. My boss is a real dickhead. He spends half his time on details that don’t matter. Makes him feel good but honestly, they don’t matter. We create our brand a for a youth market. How does he know what the youth want. He doesn’t, so he picks on the details.

I dont care about the details. I really dont. I just care about the heavy lifting. Making stuff look great. He cant do that.

So do you enjoy what you do?

Yes I love it. The thing is, when I started, I was promised a lot. Remote connection to the office, flexible working hours, cool family orientated team, stock options, people people people and everyone loves each other and we don’t do politics.

Its all bull shit. Here is my take on things. IF you are going to offer someone a job. Don’t bull shit, its a job. Well, actually its a career, the HR guys seem so caught up in finding out how important and how I will fit into there perfect world. The questions they asked me in the interview were embarrassing. Really fucking rude. So embarrassing in fact that I still think the chick who interviewed me is a walking iMac with a joy stick up her arse without a brain of her own. Sounds harsh but it isn’t, I asked her a few questions and she didn’t answer any, just rolled on to the next question in her checklist.

Everything they or she told me is wrong about the company. Its not a big family. It s a business of people in it for themselves. They don’t give a shit about the people. If I can generalise. And from my perspective, I don’t want shares I can not cash in. I “do” want remote connection but what’s the point. I have to be here at 9 and cant leave until 5.30 so I am not sure what is flexible about that? Politics, this is all politics.

I just want people to be honest, really honest, and if they like me, then let me decide if I want to be part of the real picture. Not the glossed over picture.

So what, in your view, is going wrong with hiring Gen Yers?

Everyone seems to be so over eager to attract “talent”, that they give out the wrong messages. Recruiters make the mistake of turning the hiring process into a sales pitch. It happens all the time, not just to me, but my friends and this is not a Gen Y thing. Its just a thing that happens. So the employee jumps on board and is more than likely disappointed, especially if you are out spoken like most youth today and of course, some boomers misguided idea of attracting talent impacts Gen Y’s rep as difficult to manage.

Thanks Alex

uncluttered white spaces embarked on an interesting journey early last year working with a group of generation Y employees to gain some insight into how they approach work, nuances they are faced with. It created an opportunity to give them a voice, in return, providing other generations with an honest insight into their behavior.

In 2010, uncluttered white spaces will be launching GEN-Y TV as a series of interviews, articles, features and segments on today’s youth. We are in the final throws of developing the series and looking forward to bringing you some of the insight we have developed around Gen-Y in business, Gen Y entrepreneurs, Gen Y in Sport, music and online.

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