Freshjive Press Release by creator Rick Klotz::

After 20 years as one of the most controversial streetwear brands, Freshjive is not only denouncing their own name and branding beginning in 2010, but is altogether abandoning many of the aspects that previously classified them as a streetwear brand. We’ve taken full creative advantage of the versatility of debranding and have reintroduced the line combining  a mix of classic and contemporary styling, with a strong focus on garment design. The t shirt line has taken a surrealist angle, while still expressing our particular take on culture and the world at large.

Earlier in the year, we covered the changes to Freshjives strategy to become a “brandless” brand (hmmm). This year marks a dramatic change for the label as they embark on a logoless/brandless campaign. The new winter/ fall 2010 preview sent out earlier this month will take on a more minimalist and classic menswear look than we’ve ever seen from the brand.

Whilst we have been engrossed in the changes at Freshjive ever since they decided to go “logoless”… its bold, original and risky. We love it.

[Source :: The Hundreds]