Permission to jump?

Storytelling is builds credibility and creates permission.

I caught up for a coffee with Ash Frost from Theme Media yesterday. We discussed the various moving parts of the evolving modern business (see Digital Strangelove). We discussed the account management model today and how it to is evolving.

Creating a new customer is a huge investment. In time, money, time, emotion, time and commitment. The key to a new customer is not the hard sell, not the pounding on the door or the repetitive call back finding a gap in there defense.

It is about creating permission. And this comes from the market.

You need to create a brand, a market, a company, a product where stories of your success and reputation will reach others. Where the skills you developed to help one can also be used to help another. As your reputation increases, so does your permission. So does your ability to create balance. So does your ability to increase your price (Charge more for the value you deliver, not less).

The key here is for the sales to happen automatically. There needs to be a point in the future where the time and effort you put in at the start, creates permission and word of mouth to replace the emotion and effort you invested upfront.

A lot of business miss this point completely. We all start with support from someone. My business has (Thanks Bull, Mick & Michael). Forget the masses, focus on the pointy end with customers who want and understand the value you add to their people and business and deliver.

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