Adam, thanks for taking the time, give us a quick background on Adam Ferrier and Naked Comms:

Lets start with your generation:

I’m proudly Generation X, I say proud as growing up we never thought our generation would get a name like ‘The Baby Boomers’– there was nothing holding our generation together. Then Douglas Coupland wrote the book Generation X and told us that we were all cynical, ironic, nihilistic, unhappy and hard on ourselves. Once we had that label we were much happier.  They are now giving out way too many labels to generations – even before the previous generation is complete. I pity Generations Y and Z, and the iGeneration, and Generation C – who are you? You’re not even real generations.  Generation X was the last  of the iconic generations – it’s now all just one big remix.

Tell us about Naked & how you came to be involved:

I was in Paris and missed a call in the middle of the night from a friend, Mike Wilson. Mike left a message saying he had an ‘interesting proposition’ for me. I was 1/2 asleep listening to the message and when I put my phone down to go back to bed I put it in a full glass of water. My phone broke, so it took ages for me to get back to him, but when I did we talked about starting Naked in Australia. It all sounded fun and we went for it.

Where are you now – literally & metaphorically?

Sitting on a black leather couch.


Lying under a black leather couch watching the world rush by.

What makes you tick / get up in the morning / think you’ve had a good day:

I sincerely enjoy doing repetitious, low involvement tasks. I once had a job at university where I had to lick and seal envelopes all day – I did 4 days of this straight and it was really peaceful.  I guess however I don’t have to do that every single day to make a living.  So, I’m incredibly thankful that I still have a job I like, wife I love, and good family and friends. I good day is when I find myself appreciating all of that. creates a platform for people who challenge the status quo. We like to focus on thought activation and cross with inspiring content and amazing design. As a result, a lot of our readers are entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives. With this type of work comes a lot of highs and lows. Can you share with us one of your notable highs:

We’ve had a lot of highs at Naked this year. We had a brilliant Christmas party, achieved good financial results, and created some fantastic work. I have a soft spot for some of the ideas we created particularly in helping save independent radio station Fbi (  With the Fbi guys we created a campaign called ‘Ask Richard’, where we asked Richard Branson for a $1,000,000 (  We also helped create a new FMCG brand called ‘The Ministry of Muffins’ which was great fun. Other highlights include helping launch the Witchery Man line extension for Witchery.  As well as lots of other things. We enjoy ourselves at Naked and I think the work and ideas born reflect that.

How about a notable low:

The lows happen, but they are difficult to talk about in an open forum.  You’re never quite sure who is going to be reading?

Any relationship between the two?

The brighter the picture the darker the negative. It’s no coincidence that 2009 has been our most successful year, and yet also a difficult one too.  As my fictitious personal instructor once said to me ‘No pain. No gain.’

So if you could fix one thing right now… anything, what would you fix?


Adam’s Mission?:

Be wary of people who have a mission – they’ll try and recruit you.

My Social Networks… where do we find you online or out and about if we were considering stalking you?

Chances are you’ll find me at work if I’m not there try my personal mobile device (try 0413 633 344). In real life you’ll find me at The George in Melbourne having a glass of wine and sharing a steak with my wife Anna, or possibly I’ll be in a pretentious Sydney bar having a girly cocktail.  Online try Don’t bother looking for me on Facebook or Twitter, both are really doing my head in and I’m trying to disentangle myself from them.

In your view, finish this quote: ”What the world needs more than anything right now is…”

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

These words say it better than I ever could.

Thanks Adam. To learn more about Adam, stalk him on his mobile device or visit the web site.