We love Uncrate. We love 2010 and we love gadgets and amazing things that we do not need, but have to have. Uncrate have started 2010 in the same way they finished 2009. Amazing. We have scraped a list of our favorites for public release in 2010 and to see more, head over to uncrate and subscribe.

Dell Mini 5 looks to be a solid option amongst the sea of upcoming slates. Rocking a five-inch multitouch screen, five-megapixel rear and webcam-quality front facing cameras, a built-in SIM card option, Wi-Fi, an included headset, and Android OS, it will be blurring the lines between phone and computer later this year.

The Skiff Reader ($TBA) boasts the largest, most high-resolution display of any consumer e-reader yet, clocking in at 11.5 inches and 1200×1600 resolution. Made using LG’s “Metal Foil” e-Paper technology, it removes the risk of breakage found in other, glass-based screens, and offers full touchscreen capabilities.

Like a hardtop convertible or convection oven that also microwaves, the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Notebook ($1,000; June 2010) combines two ideas to make a single product. One of the more interesting computers to come out of the 2010 CES, the U1 sports a unique dual processor, dual OS design that allows you to remove the screen and use it as a touchscreen tablet, or simply leave it be and use the computer as a normal laptop. The fact that it’s good looking helps its chances, as does a spec sheet that includes an 11.6 HD LED screen, Windows 7, built-in 3G wireless, and more.

The Envelop Desk is able to work with any seat but best paired with the company’sEmbody Chair, the Envelop’s suface moves towards and away from you with a smooth sliding motion, keeping your work area ergonomically friendly even when you’re reclining. We had a chance to try one out this past week at CES, and foresee a few landing at Uncrate HQ in the very near future.

Sporting a unique reverse flip design and the MOTOBLUR content delivery service, the Motorola Backflip ($TBA; Q1 2010) will be the first Android phone released on AT&T. The design lets the screen slide up for access to a hardware keyboard, or flip around to act as a video viewing stand. Features like a 3.1-inch touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, a GPS, and Bluetooth round out the experience.

Light Touch ($TBA) is only a reference product for now, but it features up-and-coming tech like holographic laser projection technology that allows it to create a bright, high-quality, always in focus WVGA resolution image — up to 10 inches — on nearly any surface, and pairs it with an infra-red touch sensing system to turn the projected image into a touch screen. In addition, it runs Flash Lite, allowing for a whole host of different applications, and boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity, 2GB of onboard memory, and a microSD slot for expansion.

The first entertainment advancement of this strange new decade comes to us from the leader in TV sports and Dad-like catchphrases. ESPN 3D is a newly announced channel that will show around 85 live sporting events in 3D during its first year, launching on June 11 with the first 2010 FIFA World Cup match. Other events will include the 2011 BCS National Championship Game, various college basketball and football games, and the Summer X Games. You’ll need a new 3D-capable HDTV (stay tuned for announcements this week from the Consumer Electronics Show on Uncrate) and those dorky 3D glasses.

The Sony Dash ($200; April 2010) just might be for you. Sporting a seven-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi, an accelerometer for automatic screen reorientation, a USB port, and stereo speakers, the Dash is a connected Internet viewer and mini-computer, compatible with audio and video content from Sony’s Bravia Internet video platform — like Pandora, YouTube, and more — as well as over 1,000 apps from Chumby industries, a NAVTEQ app for directions, and more.

The Samsung 9000 Series LED TV ($TBA; 2010), available in a variety of sizes, the 9000 Series sets offer a host of advanced features like a proprietary 3D processor and emitter, built-in Ethernet allowing for set-based apps like Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, and more, and a full touch-screen remote control with integrated Wi-Fi and IR that allows users to watch broadcast content and browse DLNA shares directly from the remote, sending the selected content to the main set with just a swipe.

A private island is one of the most popular purchases among the world’s über-rich, but unfortunately they tend to be stationary. Wally and Hermès teamed up to solve this problem, and the Wally Hermès WHY Yacht ($TBA) is the result. This floating island offers a host of unusual, elegant features such as a 200 square meter master suit with its own 25 meter-wide terrace, five guest suites, a 30 meter “beach” on the ocean-accessible stern, a screening room, music room, open dining room, and a 25m pool around the helipad, as well as a host of green features, including 900 square meters of solar panels, and a diesel-electric propulsion system that, in conjunction with the unique design, saves up to 200 tons of diesel per year.

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