The Fun of Failure by Tim Ross

Can the impact of failure, as a ‘public blood sport’ in Tim’s case, lead to positive transformation? According to Tim it can

Tim Ross has been both a good friend and a role model to me for more than 15 years. As he often does, Tim gives an honest, open and completely inspired talk on the power of being human, in the moment and embracing the ups and downs of life. Can the impact


Australia & Canada: The Axis Of Carbon

The nations of the world are closer than ever to reaching a global agreement that could see the implementation of a universal carbon tax.  At the recent UN Climate Summit in NYC, world leaders advocated for stronger measures to reduce pollution…

Childish Insults Still Hurt

To promote her latest book, author Johanna Stein has created an accompanying short video on Youtube titled Momhead. The video documents an assortment of real insults delivered by her four year old daughter that are extremely honest and inadvertently


Open Up Everything

Open plan, open minds

Open plan has been around since I was born. Then it disappeared for a while.

And every now and then we have the opportunity to rediscover it. As much as I like to move house, I love to revamp the working space we share.

According to a recent survey …

The Future Is Here & It’s Hovering

Remember when Marty McFly first ripped the handles off that scooter and zipped off on what was our first introduction to the hover board? Audiences witnessed this awesomeness in 1989, as the Marty jumped forward to 2015 and made every man, woman,…

Ride & Make Water

Ever rode your bike all the way across town to have forgotten to fill your water bottle, leaving you with a hawk eye cruise looking for public taps? You’re not alone. Remembering to bring water can be a second thought at best. Kristof

Sweden Is Importing Garbage

Sweden is asking for more

While most of the world is looking for new places to shove garbage, Sweden is asking for more. The thirty two incineration plants in Sweden are under capacity resulting in a new commodity being traded throughout the European Union: garbage.…

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The Things That Don’t Scale

The Holy Grail for most business people and entrepreneurs is to create a massively scalable enterprise that changes markets and people’s lives while making a ton of money. That’s a great end game and some businesses actually achieve it.…